About Us

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Daycare for the dogs is a blog that creates content regarding the well-being of our beloved canidae pal. The blog is maintained by a group of students from Wisconsin State University who are all dog owners. The aim is simple – create a community of dog lovers!

Dogs are amazing beings. They are the very personification of loyalty and friendship.  They form long lasting relationships with humans, and look forward to reciprocating any amount of affection given to them. To be honest, it is hard not to like them.

They do require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. In fact, there are many who would ideally like to have a dog in their household but never act upon that impulse because of the associated trouble. While this is true to some extent, there are a lot of resources available to simplify your life. All it takes is a bit of curiosity and research.

Ultimately, we simply love writing about dogs. Dogs have multiple dimensions that you can look at them, and many of us aren’t aware of these things. Having raised and maintained dogs for a combined 20 years between our team members, we feel like we are in a good position to provide useful advice on this layered topic.