My best friend Charlie the dog and his obsession with natural bully sticks (and me!)

Adoption is a wonderful thing. Couples who don’t have children derive happiness from adopting an orphaned child. This joy isn’t restricted just to children. Recently, I adopted a 2-year old mongrel from a rescue center few miles from my apartment.

In this post, I simply want to share my story and the level of fulfillment I have got from adopting Charlie. Having earlier adopted dogs, I knew the procedure and expectations imposed on prospective adopters. I was at a good place in my life, having recently been promoted and able to maintain a better work-life balance.

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As a result, I had felt that the time was opportune to adopt a dog from Ruffy’s Rescue center, the same place from where I had adopted by earlier dog. At the time, Ruffy’s was facing an issue of overcapacity, having gone 12% above their capacity of 110. So they were quite glad to see a repeat customer when I had walked in!

As I walked by the kennels, I noticed a lot of volunteers. Apparently, Ruffy’s had expanded their operations significantly. Some familiar faces greeted me and came by to check what exactly I was looking for. They mentioned a few things about recent adoptions, mostly stories of heroism but a few of tragedy.

After covering a couple of yards, I noticed him. Charlie was playing with a couple of puppies. At first sight, he seemed incredibly happy and content at his surroundings. I did notice a slight limp, which was the result of an unfortunate road accident that Charlie had encountered before his adoption. That didn’t stop him, since Charlie was joyous and playful.

Have you seen those romantic movies, where the lead actor and actress glance at each other for the first ever time and something just clicks? The ever-so-featured cliché of “love at first sight”. That’s what happened between us. As I was walking over to him, he suddenly fixated his adorable puppy eyes on me for the first time ever. His ears slightly wagged and he came running over to me.

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Now, most of you would slightly be wary when a strange dog starts running at you. But I didn’t feel any such wariness. Charlie’s sheer joy at seeing me for the first time was infectious. I knew, right there and right then, that he was the one I wanted. I had dog treats in my back pocket ready to give to him and win him over. He thought they were the best bully sticks he’s ever had!

The process was fast once I had made up my mind, and Charlie accompanied me home, his tail wagging ever-so-slightly. It has been 2 years since that day, and Charlie has grown in size. Today he is 4 years old, and the happiest dog you would ever meet. We go walking, running and even on double dates with other dog owners. I couldn’t be happier!

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