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There are many of you who produce food, supplements, drugs and general accessories of dogs. With the supply chain and distribution network complicated to access due to the presence of large brands such as Pedigree, SME businesses in this are often require other marketing outlets. And that is where we come in.

Today’s generation of dog owners are millennials and newer generations. They obtain information and recommendations through digital media. To effectively spread your message to them, you need to have online advertising platforms. We offer one of the very best here in the United States.

As of our recent records, we have an active readership of 75,000, with most of them within the age bracket of 17-29. Per research, these are the most active decision makers when it comes to dogs. We also have a trusted community of 170+ advertisers. In addition to visibility, you also get the following perks.

A/B testing platform

For health and safety reasons, this will be limited only dog accessories and exclude food, drugs and dietary supplements. You can perform a split testing or A/B testing, one of the most common and effective marketing mechanisms. Our community has proved to be quite experimental.

Premium Ad space

Naturally, you get banner space in our blog posts. However, in addition, we will provide extra space provided your product or service has attracted sufficient positive reviews from within our community. It is our way of encouraging quality advertisers.