3 of the most trendy and hilarious dogs on Instagram

When Instagram came out, there was this seeming confusion of what exactly it had to offer. Fast forward to now, and Instagram’s value proposition is very clear. And we cannot keep our hands away from the app. It has literally taken over the world.

Instagram has become the hotbed for all the great snaps that we take day in, day out. It offers all of us a great platform to post beautiful pictures. It has also given birth to what is known today as influencer marketing. We have Instagram celebrities who promote products in the platform.

Not all such celebrities are humans, believe it or not! We even have animal celebrities today. People have pages dedicated to their pets and some of them are really hilarious. Before Instagram came along, we would have had a hard time imaging canine fashion divas. So we thought, why not list our favorite dog Instagrammers!


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Have you ever seen a dog with an Afro haircut? Well, @poochofnyc is perhaps the only one. This stylish and hilarious half-poodle half-Maltese breed is a self-styled fashion guru. We have no clue how its owners manage to maintain that hairstyle, but kudos to them!


spout - 3 of the most trendy and hilarious dogs on Instagram

@brussels.sprout is the Instagram handle of Sprout, a Brussels Griffon breed from NYC. Follow this profile, and you can check out Sprout donning different kinds of outfits. If you want to take your dog wardrobe shopping, this is a good reference for you.


jiffpom - 3 of the most trendy and hilarious dogs on Instagram

You would surely have heard of @jiffpom. Jiff is a Pomeranian puppy and as of the most recent data, is Instagram’s Cristiano Ronaldo, aka the most followed dog. Jiff is a dog of numerous talents, and has recently featured in a Katy Perry video in addition to holding a sprinting world record.

We don’t want to end with this list, but oh well. There are many more dog celebrities out there on Instagram. Do check them out!

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