The important life skills we can learn from the Labrador Retriever

What is the happiest dog you have ever seen? We have seen a few in Instagram which we love, but if you had to generalize it to a particular breed of dog, what would you pick? Well, our pick is going to be the Labrador Retriever.

The Yellow Labrador Retriever, which is the one that most of you would be familiar with, is found in most parts of Canada and the United States. There is a reason why this breed is every family’s most preferred household dog. Its temperament is well suited to dealing with humans.

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Additionally, the Labrador in general is a pleasant, well-mannered dog. They like physical activities, and never get tired of company. In fact, they actively seek company. Do a small experiment by taking your lab to a nearby park where people often bring their dogs. Your lab will go crazy and run towards people and their pets.

It is in the nature to be like this. Not all dogs are so enthusiastic in life. Many breed are inherently moody and glum. They enjoy the company of their owners and enjoy that kind of intimacy. However, they don’t prefer the company of strangers. In fact, think of the Labrador as the most extroverted amongst its species.

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I believe there should be a Labrador in all of us. Humans are either introverted or extroverted. It is noticeable, however, that even amongst the so-called extroverts not many would just walk into a room full of strangers and hit it off completely. Naturally, there are degrees of extroversion. Those at the far end of the spectrum can easily get comfortable amongst strangers, such as the characteristics exhibited by a Labrador.

It is an important life skill, extroversion. It is quite comfortable to remain within one’s shell. None of us wants to get out of our comfort zone. We prefer to be with our closed group of friends, family and partner. However, once we break out of that shell, we really begin to appreciate life. Often, the best of experiences come when we meet new people, especially people that are quite different from us.

Learn from your Labrador. Their enthusiasm really rubs off on people. They have an urgent need to have new experiences and meet new creatures. They are never satisfied with the experiences that they have had. Quite a marvelous creature, one has to admit! No wonder children and adults alike love them!

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