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When it comes to dogs, there isn’t going to be a lack of resources online. In fact, we have seen a trend among the local dog owning community. They seem to want to share their experiences and advises to others.

We have gone through numerous resources online and picked a few that we think are both helpful and charming. Here we list a few of them.


SitStay is in fact a retailer of dog supplies. As a leading player in this field, SitStay has been around for more than 20 years. In addition to their core business, they have an excellent blog full of advices and recommendations. It is a must-visit for dog owners or those that are considering having a dog.

Oh my dog!

This one is a catchy name, we have to say! Maggie, a self-confessed dog nerd and dog owner, writes about her stories, tips and suggestions. She writes about training, diet and a variety of other topics. There is very much a human touch to this blog, and you would definitely be hooked to the blog once you get started.

The misadventures of Misaki

Do you simply want to read crazy and adorable stories about a pup? Well, this is your destination. The misadventures of Misaki is about a Alaskan Malamute puppy who lives in the United Kingdom. The blog simply focuses on the daily activities of this cute puppy, and serves as a refreshing inspiration for those of you who are keen to buy or adopt a puppy.